Tracy G. Bell, MA, LMHC
     P.O. Box 30925
     Seattle, WA 98113
     206 945-4133


My psychotherapy practice is located in the Wallingford neighborhood of Seattle. I offer individual therapy sessions for young, midlife, and elderly adults. I have both telehealth and in-person options for sessions. 

I work primarily with people whose lives have brought them to a place where they want support to work through difficult, stuck, or critical times. What often appears problematic is evidence of a solution trying to happen. My approach is to join my clients in their quest for resolution and happiness. 
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 "Perhaps everything that
   frightens us is, 
  in its deepest essence,   
  something precious that
  wants our love"

   ~ Rilke
The urge to get support from a counselor or psychotherapist seems to come when there is a life 
transition happening, or perhaps trying to happen but feeling blocked. I believe there’s an 
underlying process continually in motion through which humans migrate naturally, by means of 
their symptoms and yearnings, toward wholeness. When an obstacle is encountered, the stoppage 
can cause disturbance, frustration, over-stimulation and/or depression. This can happen at any stage of life. Often when the time is ripe for forward movement, the fog clears a tiny bit, the human stirs awake, and the most intense pain, desire, or distress is felt. This is a good time for therapy.

With the guidance and support of a therapist, we can look at what has meaning and influence
in our daily lives beyond what meets the eye. What ancient beliefs, stories and experiences are we 
being reminded of that are affecting our present-day perspectives and actions unknowingly? 
What you sometimes can’t see by yourself, you can see, re-experience, and resolve with the 
help of another.