Tracy G. Bell, MA, LMHC
P.O. Box 30925
Seattle, WA 98113
206 945-4133

How I Work

My approach to working with my clients is to offer a fundamentally safe place and a trusting relationship within which whatever is happening can unfold. I generally try to slow things down a bit and encourage my clients to bring space and awareness to their conditions, especially to what they think of as the problem area. Often we find that what has been frightening and undesirable is the thing that most needs attention and allowance. The movement is toward becoming whole.
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 "Perhaps everything that
   frightens us is, 
  in its deepest essence,   
  something precious that
  wants our love"

   ~ Rilke
I come from an understanding that my client’s body and psyche intrinsically know the way, and that our task is to work together to tune into the process, to see what’s trying to happen. 

It is surprising how effective this can be with the combined efforts of two rather than one.

From my perspective of being outside of you, I work to help you find the blind spots in your process. I will join you, support you, and challenge you in the effort to see your way through.